Rolling power outages at South Ridge

Flinders is in the process of completing a major high voltage electrical upgrade at the Bedford Park campus, requiring rolling outages across South Ridge this Saturday 6 July 2019 and all electrical equipment to be shut down.

Ageing electrical infrastructure is being replaced to help protect the security and continuity of electrical supply into the future.

Staff are asked to please make sure all electrical equipment is safely shut down and isolated on Friday 5 July.

If it isn’t possible to safely shut down and isolate all electrical equipment please let the property, facilities and development team know as soon as possible so they can help, by emailing

Staff are asked to please avoid all South Ridge buildings on Saturday 6 July where possible, and contact the properties team if access and the detailed schedule is required, or for any questions.

Thank you for patience and understanding as these essential infrastructure works are undertaken, to enable electrical expansions and developments into the future.

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