Rethinking capstone

Professor Mick Healey is visiting from the UK to share his higher education expertise, presenting at Flinders University on 8 July on the value of considering new approaches to capstone and final year projects.

An Emeritus Professor at the University of Gloucestershire, Professor Healey is an eminent consultant and researcher in higher education.

His presentation will explore ways that capstone and final year projects could be re-imagined, while continuing to retain the significant element of research and inquiry and deliver key graduate attributes.

These projects provide a transformative experience for many students, however others are less inspired and find the process quite negative.

Professor Healey will discuss the diversity of approaches to undergraduate and postgraduate capstone and final year projects, using examples taken from a wide range of disciplines and countries.

He argues that a more flexible approach is needed in form, function and assessment to meet the needs of all students. These may include group, work-oriented or community-based projects. Professor Healey will also discuss novel ways of disseminating the findings, which could be through exhibitions, research conferences and other forms of public engagement.

When: 1:30 – 4:30pm  Monday 8 July 2019

Where: Alere Function Centre

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