Cancer Wellness Centre takes shape

Flinders Foundation has commenced renovations at the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer (FCIC) to build an eagerly awaited Cancer Wellness Centre, which will support patients and their loved ones through services including psychology, financial counselling and a large family space.

The wellness centre is being developed to help people better cope with the broad impacts of a cancer diagnosis. Made possible through the generous support of individuals and organisations, successful fundraising initiatives included Dry July and a dedicated Mix102.3 campaign.

The new facility was included in the original vision for the FCIC, and  will provide a focal point for patients and their families to connect with others and receive much-needed support.

Phase One of the project (from 19 August to 14 October 2019) is seeing consulting rooms under construction to accommodate services provided by dietitians, psychologists, financial counsellors, exercise physiologists and others; a large family room where families can gather and receive support; quiet spaces and a waiting area with a television; and a library connecting patients and families with information, including online resources and programs.

To facilitate this work, seating has been temporarily removed from the lounge area of the FCIC foyer and hoarding boards erected to reduce dust and noise.

Phase 2 of the project will commence shortly (scheduled from 4 September to 8 November) and will involve the temporary closure of the Café and FCIC Function Room while the space is reconfigured for better usage and noise reduction. Flinders Foundation is currently in discussions with the café about providing food and beverages during this period.

Designs of the wellness centre and ground floor renovations are on display boards in the foyer of the FCIC building, or read more on the Flinders Foundation website.

For further information please contact the Flinders Foundation team on 8204 5216 or by email.



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