Extensive longitudinal study opens floodgates to researchers

An expansive data resource has opened up for researchers from Flinders’ Colleges of Education, Psychology and Social Work and Nursing and Health Sciences, as the University becomes the first national partner to join the Raine Study – a cohort of 2,900 women, their parents, children and now grandchildren studied across a rich array of health and wellbeing factors for 30 years.

The Raine Study is one of the largest studies across the gamut of life-stages to be undertaken anywhere in the world. Its data has contributed to more than 500 papers around the globe and many ground-breaking insights on health and quality of life.

Participants’ basic measurements such as height, weight and blood pressure have been collected at regular follow-ups, together with various research interests at different times, from physical development, allergies and mental wellbeing, to bone density, sleep, eye health, cardio-vascular risk factors and much more.

A joint venture between WA universities and state and national organisations, until now access to the data by external parties has involved a complex application process with each project costed and managed individually.

Flinders University becomes inaugural national institute member

With ever-increasing interest in the growing databank, the study is launching a new institutional membership category – with Flinders’ Colleges of EPSW and N&HS together forming its inaugural member.

As an institutional member, researchers in these Colleges have free, easy access to this rich collection of data together priority approval and review, for up to ten (multi-paper) projects every year.

To access this data, researchers in EPSW and N&HS should contact Associate Professor Sarah Cohen-Woods. Also stay tuned for a talk by the scientific director of the Raine Study at a date yet to be confirmed.

Researchers outside of these Colleges may access the data, but will need to follow the Raine Study’s established channels  and costs for non-members.

Raine Study Annual Scientific Meeting

The Raine Study will announce its new Institutional Memberships and inaugural partner, Flinders University, at its key annual researcher event in Perth on 1 November 2019.

This is a free full-day event for researchers to hear from other researchers and delve into the use and opportunities of the extensive dataset. This year’s keynote will be given by Professor Melissa Wake, a paediatrician, community child health researcher, and Scientific Director of the Generation Victoria initiative, who will share her years of experience in research and longitudinal studies,

Find out more about The Raine Study Annual Scientific Meeting

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