Broadcasting the 1.5 degrees message

More than 100 concerned Australians took part in presenting key findings from the milestone Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report over five days at three locations around Adelaide – with Flinders University leading the event and opening it at Bedford Park on March 5 2020.

“The increased frequency of extreme weather events and record high global temperatures mean that climate change is now at the front and centre in public discourse,” said Flinders University Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Stirling, at the launch.

“The 1.5 Degrees Live event will help to further highlight the impact we can expect if the rate of increase in our planet’s temperature continues.”

Flinders’ Professor in Global Ecology Corey Bradshaw, Associate Professor in Public Policy Cassandra Star, and FUSA environmental officer Amy Tschirn were among the huge cast of popular entertainers, politicians, business leaders, scientists, conservationists, activists and students who read passages from the report throughout the event.

1.5 Degrees Live! launch event gallery

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