Free resource to Be Well

SAHMRI and Flinders University are responding to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis by making The Wellbeing and Resilience Centre’s renowned mental health training available online and free of charge.

The Centre’s Research Lead Joep Van Agteren says the Be Well Plan is part of his team’s commitment to play its part helping individuals and communities safely navigate this most challenging of circumstances.

“We know this program works,” Mr Van Agteren says.

“People in Adelaide, around Australia and even beyond that need it now more than ever. We want to minimise the mental health fallout of this thing and help people realise they can maintain wellbeing and a positive outlook in even the most seemingly bleak of situations.”

The unique, evidence-based program, which is usually presented face-to-face at a cost of around $320 per person, will be available online at as five video sessions.

It has been made possible through a partnership with Flinders University’s Órama Institute for Mental Health, Wellbeing and Neuroscience.

“It’s OK to feel worried or anxious, in fact it’s normal, particularly in times of stress or the isolation that some people are experiencing at the moment,” Mr Van Agteren says.

“When that starts to negatively affect your behaviour and motivation it becomes a problem so we have a range of tried and tested skills you can do to give yourself a boost.”

While the initial offering is free, the team will also offer personalised interactive sessions for those who donate to support their research.

“No donation is too small, but every dollar we receive will directly fund our research to improve the wellbeing of people, communities and societies as a whole,” Mr Van Agteren says.

The Wellbeing and Resilience Centre is a self-funded social enterprise based within the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute.


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