Pioneering creativity: the film made in isolation

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Flinders Screen Production staff Dr Tom Young, Helen Carter and Dr Matt Hawkins have created the short film, Isolation.

Developed online through video meetings and document sharing, the film was created adhering to Government rules around isolation, pioneering a new wave of screen production techniques.

“Isolation is a short docudrama, exploring COVID-19 and isolation through the eyes of a 13-year-old,” says Dr Tom Young, Flinders Screen Production lecturer.

“The film is a poetic visualisation of the actual diary of a teenager, currently being written as COVID-19 unfolds. It was important for us as filmmakers to tell an authentic story from the eyes of a teenager.”

Dr Hawkins wrote the film, Ms Carter cast her daughter, Beth, as the lead actor, Dr Young directed via FaceTime and the entire film was shot at home in isolation.

“In response to COVID-19, we asked our filmmaking students to make films in isolation, they challenged us to do the same thing and this is the result,” said Dr Young.

“The film was created in isolation, everyone working from home, using technology to communicate and share video files.”

After filming, the video files were distributed online where post-production also occurred remotely.

“The execution of the project was a success, both in testing production pathways and generating teaching materials for the second half of semester one.

“We hope this film project inspires and encourages our students during these difficult times.

“Unfortunately, the screen industry has been heavily impacted by COVID-19, as social distancing makes it very difficult to shoot films. The industry has pulled together to support one another, and is looking for innovative ways to get on with the job. We are all hoping the situation will improve soon and many productions can resume filming.”

View the film below (or on Facebook or LinkedIn)

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