3MT duels reach semi-finals

The annual 3 Minute Thesis competition has been proceeding with clever online presentations that have enabled the best of Flinders University’s students to continue competing, while maintaining COVID-19 distancing restrictions.

Having progressed through three heats in the past week, the competition now moves into its semi-final phase, which is scheduled for 2pm to 4pm on Thursday 9 July.

The challenge is for Flinders University PhD students to condense and refine their research project and explain it to peers and the wider community in less than 180 seconds. In addition to developing their communication skills, competition participants are in the running to win the Asia-Pacific 3MT prize of a $5000 research travel grant.

Everyone can observe the 15 semi-final presenters in action delivering their condensed thesis via live-stream video – https://video.flinders.edu.au/events20/20//3MT_competition.cfm

This link also has recordings of the three heats conducted last week.

From the College of Business, Government and Law, Reem Alothmany is presenting on “Healthcare superheros vs Human Resource Super-zeros!”; Paige Fletcher on “Are feminist NGOs key in eliminating violence against women through policy”; Nadeeka Mahamadachchi on “Evaluating waste management policy failure in Sri Lanka”, and Tricia Rushton on “Hypersovereignty in a land girt by sea”.

From the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work, Vanessa Alexander is speaking on “Autism & education – are we on the right track?” and Alex Canty on “PTSD, is it all about perspective?”.

From the College of Medicine and Public Health, Roheena Tahir (Heat 3 Winner) is speaking on “The human face of statistics” and Heat 2 Winner Kari Vallury on “Understanding perceived abortion stigma in Australia”.

From the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Heat 3 Runner-up Tazrina Chowdhury will speak on “Pain into power. Wound into wisdom”; Ellen Fraser-Barbour on “Don’t we all deserve to feel safe at home?” and Heat 1 Runner-up Morgan Pankhurst on “Food service satisfaction in residential aged care homes”.

From the College of Science and Engineering, Francesca Bucci will speak on “The virtual human knee (a joint effort)”; Heat 1 Winner Guler Kocak will speak on “The future of clean energy: Eco-friendly flexible organic solar cells”; Heat 2 Runner-up Siamak Mirzaei speaking on “The memorable celery versus the keyword ape”; Jacob van Zoelen speaking on “Uncovering the diversity of Australia’s extinct titans”.

The semi-finalists and their supervisors from the first two heats are: College of Business, Government and Law: R Alothmany (supervisor Dr Zhou Jiang); P Fletcher (Associate Professor Cassandra Star); N Mahamadachchi (Associate Professor Star); T Rushton (Associate Professor Hossein Esmaeili Khabr).
Education, Psychology and Social Work: V Alexander (Associate Professor Kerry Bissaker); A Canty (Professor Reginald Nixon).
Medicine and Public Health: R Tahir (Associate Professor Anna Ziersch); K Vallury (Professor Paul Ward).
Nursing and Health Sciences: T Chowdhury (Professor Paul Arbon; E Fraser-Barbour (Associate Professor Ruth Walker); M Pankhurst (Professor Michelle Holland).
Science and Engineering: F Bucci (Dr Saulo Martelli); G Kocak (Professor Mats Andersson); S Mirzaei (Dr Trent Lewis); J van Zoelen (Professor Gavin Prideaux).

The top eight presenters selected by judges from the semi-final will go on to the university final, which will be conducted on Thursday 6 August, being live-streamed between 2.30pm and 4pm.

More information about the competition can be found on the 3MT webpage – https://students.flinders.edu.au/my-course/hdr/development/three-minute-thesis

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