Service One climbs to new levels of support

There has been lots happening in the Service One camp, and the IDS team is keen to share some updates with staff that are making all of our lives easier.

Please see below a brief rundown of what has changed in the last couple of months:

New features

Academic staff will now benefit from suggested services grouped together in easy to find subcategories under the Education category. These are grouped according to topic and teaching life-cycles, and highlight relevant services that may be of assistance at difference times. More services will continue to be added to expand these groups, and in the coming weeks Service One will create Research subcategories too, to benefit research staff.

Students now have access to Service One for services that are relevant to them, including for IT services and building access.

New services

There are now over 85 services that you can request through Service One. Some of the recently released services are:


Service One also includes an extensive library of knowledge articles that provide information needed in order to self-serve. Staff can subscribe to any knowledge bases of interest (eg. Finance and Procurement) to be notified when new articles are published.

For further information about new features, visit the ‘What’s new’ page in Service One.

Support and feedback

For support when using Service One, please raise an ‘IT help and support’ request in Service One.

For general Service One suggestions and feedback, try the Provide Feedback link at the bottom of any page in Service One.

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