New international students platform

Flinders University has implemented StudyLink as the preferred technology solution to accept, track and manage international student applications. StudyLink is used by over 25 Australian universities and education providers, and more than 9,000 international student recruitment agents.

Matt Schultz, Director International Recruitment with Flinders International, says: “The International Student Admissions Project will transform the application and acceptance process for our future international students. We will use this opportunity to review what we do, how we do it and why we do it, with the goal to streamline our processes, create efficiencies in the way we work and deliver an exceptional experience to our students and recruitment partners.”

The partnership between Flinders International and Digital Students and Teaching Services to implement StudyLink will achieve the following benefits:

  • Implement a single source of information for international student applications, offers and acceptances
  • Improve the user experience for students through greater transparency of their application progress
  • Create efficiencies through streamlining processes, reducing duplication of effort and manual handling of applications
  • Reduce turnaround time of applications
  • Improve reporting functionality to better understand market trends

Through this implementation, the following portals have been designed in collaboration with various stakeholders across the University:

  • Student Portal – Used by applicants to apply to study at Flinders
  • Agent Portal – Used by International Recruitment Agents on behalf of an applicant to apply to study at Flinders
  • Admissions Portal – Used by Flinders staff to assess applications, issue offer letters and process acceptances

StudyLink was implemented on 29 June and is available to all international students (via the Student Portal) and to all of the University’s international recruitment agents (via the Agent Portal).

The Flinders University website provides links for applicants to apply online.

Visit the project’s webpage for more details about the International Student Admissions project.

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