The Void struts its stuff

Flinders screen students have been busy at the University’s The Void – SA’s largest motion capture and VR lab – creating a science fiction drama as part of their studies.

Visual Effects and Entertainment Design (VEED) students designed all the graphics, with all actors except one playing their parts in motion capture suits, which will be replaced by computer generated avatars post-production. The large project is providing students from all areas with exceptional real-world learning experiences, including practicing the vital skills involved in team-work and collaboration.

The production is calling on the talents of 20 students in VEED (pre-production, creating backgrounds and characters), 10 screen students, four drama students plus one drama graduate.

Staff members Dr Tom Young, Jason Bevan, Helen Carter and Dr Sarah Peters are leading the initiative with roles from casting to directing and producing, with CDW’s Shane Bevin and Simon Scales providing valuable support.

The film has a working title ‘John and Mary’ and is set in a future where people use teleporter technology to travel instantaneously between Earth and Mars. It is being shot entirely in The Void and will be finalised and released later this year.

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