Student Progress Policy consultation

New draft Student Progress Policy and procedures have been developed as part of Flinders’ Retention and Success Strategy, with staff feedback now invited.

The draft policy and procedures are intended to ensure students are effectively supported to move through their course towards completion, but also to provide a procedurally fair and transparent process for review when it becomes apparent a student is experiencing difficulty progressing.

They will replace the current Student Progress Policy. Improvements include:

  • simplifying and unifying overlapping criteria
  • removing punitive and ambiguous labels that may not be self-apparent to students
  • applying University-wide criterion to improve accuracy and consistency in early identification of students experiencing difficulty progressing
  • Clear roles, responsibilities and authorities to enable transparency, consistent process, and procedural fairness

The draft policy and procedures can be viewed via the Flinders Policy Library here. Comments can be emailed to

Feedback closes Wednesday, 28 October 2020.

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