FLO gets a facelift

On 16 December FLO will get a facelift as part of the regular FLO upgrade cycle, with staff now able to book into roadshows scheduled from November to February to demonstrate the changes.

The FLO update will include:

  • a more contemporary look and feel
  • better ability to control the way topics are viewed on the dashboard
  • improved navigation
  • more mobile friendly
  • a timeline feed for students showing upcoming due dates
  • easier access to recently visited topics and activities

FLO upgrade roadshows

Roadshows will be held in college locations to demonstrate the changes. Staff can book into roadshows using iEnrol and can either attend in person or online. Staff teaching over summer are encouraged to attend the roadshows in November or December. Roadshows will also be offered in January and February for staff teaching in semester 1 and 2.

What does this mean for teaching staff?

  • ability to perform all the same functions as now (plus some new ones – particularly improvements to forums, quizzes, assignments and gradebook)
  • after the change some functions may be found in a slightly different location, or may be performed in a slightly different (more intuitive) way
  • many key elements will remain the same (such as menus, icons) providing a level of familiarity
  • at first glance topics will appear different, but this is only the aesthetic with content and layout of topic modules unchanged

More information about the interface and other changes is available on the FLO website.

For any questions, please contact the Online Learning and Teaching team in your College.

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