16 ways to take a strong stand for women

The 16 Days of Activism campaign is a world-wide initiative to address gender based violence and sexism online, and Flinders University is taking part.

Staged largely on social platforms with the theme “Do something: 16 days, 16 ways”, the campaign aims to provide information, advocacy and tools for people to take a stand against abuse, disrespect and discrimination against women.

This means highlighting sexism and disrespect that happens online – such as on social media, in the comments section of an online article or in a group chat – and providing examples on how to ‘do something’. Actions could include disliking the comment, direct messaging someone to show your support or replying in a group chat and calling out disrespectful behaviour.

The campaign runs from the November 25 to December 10, and staff and students can follow the initiative on social channels – including the FUSA Facebook and Instagram platforms and webpage, on the Flinders Twitter channel, and via the Health, Counselling and Disability blog.

For more information about the campaign, visit the 16 Days of Activism website.

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