Learn to switch off – and maximise success

The ability to be able to switch off can help you maximise both personal and professional success – as Professor Mike Kyrios will explain in a special APEX (Advancing Professional Excellence) Network event being held before a live audience at Flinders University and livesteamed to online viewers.

Professor Kyrios (Vice President & Executive Dean of the College of Education, Social Work & Psychology) and members of the APEX Committee will make a presentation between noon to 1 pm on Wednesday 24 February in EDUCATION 1.01 (and livestreamed) to give an overview of how you can prepare to reinvigorate yourself and be ready for 2021. Following a brief presentation, the panel will engage in a Q&A session to address specific queries.

“It’s an understatement to say that 2020 was an enormously challenging year, particularly because of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and especially for the higher education sector. If we are to follow trends across the world with subsequent infection waves or because of the economic and other hardships of this year, 2021 also looks like it will also be associated with significant challenges,” explains Professor Kyrios.

Research has shown that while work-related stress is a health and safety challenge, a critical element of preparing for further challenges is to recover and recuperate. So, what should we do to recuperate from the events of 2020 and prepare for 2021? How do we best place ourselves to flourish during 2021?

“The beginning of the work year gives us an opportunity of finding personal ways of recovery and maximising our wellbeing; these, in turn, will help promote resilience,” says Professor Kyrios. “The ability to intentionally and genuinely disengage, the ability to find re-affirming and meaningful or pleasurable activities that can be maintained in 2021 will all lead to positive wellbeing.”

He says such activities can be combined with: (a) a mindset that allows you to rest and then thrive; (b) a motivational set that commits you to maintaining your plans, values and gains; (c) effective emotional regulation strategies; (d) the right amount of physical exercise; and (e) adequate nutrition and sleep.

“Switching off and resting are important elements and need to occur across multiple inter-related domains when the opportunities arise, such as the weekends and holiday periods. Going in and coming out of the COVID-19 lockdowns also has its own challenges and our group has developed the STREAM and APPEAL & CARE frameworks, which can be used throughout 2021 but also have useful elements for the coming holiday breaks.

“Finally, we have developed the Be Well Plan, a facilitated online 5-session structured intervention that helps you develop a personalised plan to facilitate good mental health and wellbeing throughout the year.”

Tickets to the live APEX presentation can be booked until February 24 via Eventbrite or connect to the Live Link.

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