Paramedic graduates donate to help students

First year Paramedic students are enjoying their first week of semester one classes, although some may be feeling anxious about how they will pay for their essential course costs such as a uniform and work boots, fitness testing, vaccinations and diagnostic equipment.

“I know how they feel,” says Flinders Paramedic graduate Stafford Wulff (BParamedicSc ’20). “When I started my studies at Flinders I was a mature aged student who had just moved from Brisbane. My wife had just been diagnosed with cancer, and although I was excited to start my Paramedic degree, I didn’t know how I was going to support us financially as well as pay for the course resources.”

Stafford struggled through and achieved his degree, but now that he’s working in the profession he cares so much about, he’s keen to help new Paramedic students who are finding it difficult to cover the essential costs associated with their degree.

Through personal donations, Stafford and fellow paramedic Gabriel Hicks (BParamedicSc ’16) have created the Stafford Wulff Opportunity Scholarship to support first year Paramedic students. The scholarship aims to relieve their financial stress so that they can focus on their studies and on their way to becoming paramedics.

If you would like to join Stafford and Gabriel help create equity and opportunity for Flinders University Paramedic students, please donate via the online link. Through your donation even more Paramedic students will receive the support they need.


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