Participation in public health surveys needed

Public health expert Dr Emma Miller is leading research projects into complex public health issues – and her teams need help from Flinders staff to pass on the call for volunteers to be involved, so that important data can be compiled about sensitive social issues.

Survey participants are needed for The Tinder and Gono (TAG) project, requiring people aged between 18 and 29 years, who identify mostly as heterosexual. The TAG study wants to hear what these people think about sex and sexually transmitted infections, such as gonorrhoea, and also about Tinder and other dating apps. Because the researchers want to speak to a range of people, they firstly want participants to fill out a two-minute online survey to answer a few questions about their circumstances.

Selected participants will be invited to a one-hour interview online or on the phone at a mutually suitable time. None of the information provided in the survey or in an interview will be shared with anyone beyond the researcher. To thank participants for their time, all interviewed participants will be provided with a $25 shopping voucher.

More details about the study and the survey link are available here. This project has full ethical approval from the Flinders University Human Research Ethics Committee (no. 8600). For more information, please phone Dr Miller on (08) 7221 84445 or email

As part of another ongoing study, researcher Kristen Foley is seeking participants for a study into Alcohol, Advertising, Leisure and Self-Care for Australian Women in Midlife. This investigation into the cultural and social influences on alcohol consumption, leisure and self-care is asking questions of women living in Australia, aged between 45 and 64 years. Participation will involve observing and recording alcohol advertising, consumption, leisure and self-care in their everyday life, and attending 4-5 meetings (online or in person) through 2021 and 2022 to share these reflections, discuss them with other group members, and to help generate knowledge. The meetings will be video-recorded to help with note-taking, but not shared with anyone beyond the research team. Participants will receive a $150 reimbursement for their time.

This research is part of the ‘Social and Commercial Determinants of Alcohol Consumption for Australian Women in Midlife’ project, which has full ethical approval from the Flinders University Human Research Ethics Committee (no. 4083).

For more information please phone Kristen Foley on (08) 7221 8491 or email


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