Improved teaching timetable management

The Timetabling Project has been working to improve the complex business of creating and managing the teaching timetable at Flinders University.

Over the past three months, the project team and working group have worked on several tasks:

  • Clear and visible policy – Initiate work to define clear and visible policy (including purpose statement) and roles and responsibilities followed by related procedures
  • Data collection – Identify core data needed for planning and simplify the data collection process
  • Roles and responsibilities – Identify roles and responsibilities for reviewing and signing off the draft timetable
  • Student communication – Review and update the student facing webpages with clear and visible information
  • Review planning processes – Identify opportunities to include the Resource Scheduling Services team and other stakeholders earlier in the College load planning processes

During their final meeting in June, the Timetabling Steering Committee formally closed Phase 1 of the project, and have prioritised the following tasks for Phase 2, between July and September, 2021:

  • Clear and visible policy
    • Continue work on the timetabling policy and procedures, including broader consultation
    • Establishing definitions for teaching activities as a component of the new framework
    • Drafting the Terms of Reference for the proposed Timetabling Implementation Working Group to oversee activities post-project
  • Student communication
    • Review and update the student webpage, post launch of the student portal
  • Staff communication
    • Review and update the information and guidance on the staff portal
  • Additional process improvement opportunities
    • Review the process to request timetable changes
    • Investigate how academic staff changes are communicated

The Timetabling Project webpage provides further detailed information on the project status, aim of project, Steering Committee and Working Group member lists, findings from the process review and other project updates.

Timetabling is one of the core university processes and has a significant impact on the smooth functioning of our teaching and learning services, and we would like to know your thoughts. If you wish to be involved in the project activities, please get in touch at

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