Generous donations help struggling students

Following the most recent lockdown in SA, the Matthew Flinders Scholarship was reopened and has attracted more than 900 applications, with demand far exceeding resources. Through the generosity of the Flinders community, some of these students can be supported with a Matthew Flinders Scholarship. However, as the majority of applications await funding, there is an urgent need for the Flinders community to do more.

Last year, over 2,000 students – like Amy and Wenque – received funds from the scholarship.

Matthew Flinders Scholarship recipient Amy

“Receiving the scholarships has made such a difference for me. They helped me transition into university life, prioritise my studies and where I was headed. Coming from a place of always worrying about money, it was nice to be on the road to that changing, and the scholarships really helped support me in that,” says Bachelor of Medical Science (Vision Science)/Master of Optometry student Amy. Read more about Amy’s story here.

Master of Social Work student Wenyue says that the scholarship was a lifesaver as she struggled to find employment.

Matthew Flinders Scholarship recipient Wenyue

“I applied for jobs as an individual support worker, but then couldn’t do this because of concern about client wellbeing [during the pandemic]. This really reduced the job opportunities. It was a very big relief to receive a Matthew Flinders Scholarship and I was very grateful,” says Wenyue. Read more of Wenyue’s story here.

Thank you to staff who have made a donation to support students. You have significantly increased the number of scholarships available to our students and we are deeply grateful.

If you are able, please consider donating towards this cause at Flinders. Together we can increase the number of scholarships available to students and alleviate the level of stress from those asking for help.

You can donate online here and our Staff Workplace Giving Program is also available.

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