Crucial law issues under the spotlight

The latest installment of the Flinders University Criminology and Criminal Justice Research Colloquium Series will see speakers discuss criminological issues affecting two populations: Indigenous peoples and adolescents.

Dr Maria Giannacopoulos

Dr Maria Giannacopoulos will present a session on the role of legal apparatuses in causing death, particularly of black and Indigenous lives. During her talk, Dr Giannacopoulos will introduce the concept of nomocide and suggests that law must be seen in relation to its violence as a way of beginning to address the colonial violence that stems from it.

Ms Tahlia Hart

Tahlia Hart will outline her PhD research exploring adolescents’ experiences accessing adult platforms (such as dating applications), through her conducting online qualitative interviews with young Australians who have accessed these platforms. Project methodology and initial findings about participants’ motivations and experiences will be presented.

The event will run from 11am to noon on Monday 6 September – and you can register for the event here.

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