Changing the world, one SA woman at a time

Three Flinders University staff are finalists in the eighth annual Winnovation Awards, recognising their innovative contributions to South Australia.

The Winnovation Awards 2021 are elevating the profile of South Australia’s innovative women through showcasing female change-makers and future role models who are driving innovation in their profession.

Finalists have been selected by a group of independent judges across 11 awards categories, including science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics.

Dr Amal Osman, from the College of Medicine and Public Health, was nominated for her development of the first ‘awake’ sleep apnoea test to quantify noisy snoring/breathing problems that affect at least one billion people worldwide. Her work enables personalised treatments for a disorder that impacts health and personal relationships.

Two staff from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences have been named as finalists, recognising their contributions to First Nations peoples’ health and groundbreaking interventions for people with language-related disorders.

Dr Nina Sivertsen

Dr Nina Sivertsen was recognised for her leadership within the Malpa Nursing Model, an innovative and culturally responsive way to teach nursing students about First Nations Health by incorporating Malpas (cultural guides) in every classroom. The nomination also acknowledges her ongoing commitment to developing culturally safe nursing graduates who have a nuanced grasp of First Nations peoples’ health needs.

Louise Kyriaki

Louise Kyriaki received a nomination for her work into researching how the human language works in the brain. This significant contribution to the scientific and general community will help the development of improved interventions for people with language-related disorders.

PhD candidate in Geoarchaeology Natasha Nagle was also recognised for her initiative that gives scientists and researchers the skills and confidence to effectively communicate their research in interesting and engaging ways.

The award winners will be announced at a virtual event to be held on Thursday 4 November. To register to attend, click here.

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