Celebrating success

International archaeological expert Professor Claire Smith has received an international accolade, while other recent Flinders successes include a new book from Dr Gillian Dooley, a big win for Flinders PhD student Elise Tuuri and an excellence award win for an IDS team.

Encouraging listening to the music of language

Dr Gillian Dooley

A new book from Dr Gillian Dooley examines how famed 20th century Irish-English novelist Iris Murdoch utilised soundscapes in her works to create a richly textured atmosphere and moral tenor. Listening to Iris Murdoch: Music, Sounds, and Silences – Iris Murdoch Today (published by Palgrave Macmillan) dives into the importance of soundscapes in Iris Murdoch’s works by means of the symphonies, songs, sounds and settings that adorn them. Dr Dooley hopes the book can help readers listen for all kinds of music, sounds and silences in Murdoch’s novels that open up a new sub-field of literary appreciation in line with the emerging field of Word and Music Studies.

International award for archaeological expert

Professor Claire Smith with her award

Congratulations to Professor Claire Smith, from the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, who was recently awarded the Peter Ucko Memorial Award for services to the global archaeological community. The Peter Ucko Memorial Award is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to archaeology as voted by the World Archaeological Congress.

Award win to further microplastic research

Elise Tuuri (left) with her award

Flinders University marine biologist Elise Tuuri has been named the 2022 SARDI Science Bursary for Women recipient. This $1500 SARDI bursary is awarded each year to a female graduate studying in SA within the areas of agriculture, fisheries, natural resource management or forestry science. Ms Tuuri is halfway through a PhD in biological oceanography at Flinders, with her research focusing on the growing issue of microplastics accumulating in the oceans. Her research will be the first to review how microplastics enter the marine food web through zooplankton in Australia.

Team award recognises excellence

The IDS team who won an excellence award for their work

The successful implementation of a University wide research contracts management system solution has seen a team within Information and Digital Services recognised with an award for excellence in the annual department awards.

Congratulations to the team: Victoria Wright, Neena Binu, Ramya Katpalli, Lee Crawford, Leanne Beerworth, Jess Jones, David Munro, Manu Manuel, Irene Best, and Sherwin Gador.

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