Finding beauty in the world with art

Flinders philosopher Dr Tom Cochrane recently presented on his new book, The Aesthetic Value of the World (Oxford University Press), as part of a special presentation […]

Celebrating success

Professor Justine Smith receives funding to combat blinding cancer, while other recent successes include a presidential position for a specialist surgeon and a Ministerial appointment for […]

Celebrating success

Dr Monique Mulholland examines the relevance of sex education in schools, while other successes include a national prize for moving lessons from Country, and a Flinders […]

Tributes to a literary leader

Tributes to the late author, biographer and academic Professor Brian Matthews (1936–2022) have been written by former colleagues and students, including Emeritus Professor Graham Tulloch, left.  […]

Fond memories of Brian Matthews

From his student days, Flinders alumnus and academic Rick Hosking remembers university lecturer, the late Professor Brian Matthews.  I was a foundation student at Flinders University, […]

Celebrating success

A new publication from Dr Ella Stewart-Peters examines the history of vaccination wars, while a chart-topping new book from a CMPH academic delves into historical true […]