International partner at Bedford Park

The reopening of Australia’s international borders has enabled Flinders University to welcome international partners back to our campuses. This includes a recent visit to the College of Science and Engineering by Father Professor Jaison Mulerikkal, a representative from Flinders’ education partner Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology (RSET) from Kerala India.

In 2020, Flinders signed a partnership with RSET, enabling its engineering students  to complete two years of their degree at RSET before transferring to Flinders and receive two full years of credit into a range of Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) courses. The first cohort of students will start at Flinders during semester two in 2023.

Father Professor Jaison Mulerikkal with the FLEX bus at Tonsley.

Father Professor Jaison Mulerikkal experienced first-hand the world-class facilities at Flinders, and had the opportunity to meet the academic and professional staff who will play a role in the partnership.

The Tonsley campus made a strong impression on Father Professor Mulerikkal, especially the close connectivity between industry and education.

Brett Wagner, Father Professor Jaison Mulerikkal and Professor Alistair Rendell.

Father Professor Mulerikkal kindly presented Professor Alistair Rendell and Brett Wagner with traditional outfits from Kerala, India.

A big thank you is extended to all the academic staff and professional staff for taking time to meet and show off their expertise and Flinders’ facilities. Special thanks go to Professor Maria Parappilly and Bill Damachis for facilitating the visit.

If you would like to know more information about international partnerships and articulation agreements, please contact the International Partnerships Team.

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