Flinders’ star role in Future Energy Week

Flinders University’s Vehicle to Grid trial with ENGIE will be promoted during a special presentation on November 10 to 11 as part of South Australia’s Future Energy Week.

The event, run by the Tonsley Future Energy Consortium, will bring together industry, government, researchers and students for a two-day summit event at the Tonsley Innovation District.

Conference delegates will this year have the opportunity to join working groups covering topics such as the future of mobility, the energy trilemma and the First Nations Voice.

They will also participate in developing a set of Accords as a commitment and call to action for Australia’s energy transition.

“As a significant education and research provider in the state’s key hub for sustainable energy innovation at Tonsley, Flinders University is looking to Future Energy Week to grow partnerships and knowledge sharing,” says Flinders University Principal Sustainability Strategist William Van Ausdal.

“Flinders University now uses 100% renewable electricity and is committed to direct and energy-related emissions reductions aligned with a 1.5C future as we collectively leverage South Australia’s world-class renewable wind and solar resources and support our global clean energy and technology transformation.”

The Tonsley Innovation District will also open up to display its hydrogen electrolyser and huge rooftop solar array to high school students attending the Future Energy summit during November.

“Future Energy Week aims to collaborate, educate and elevate Australia’s answers to domestic and international energy challenges”, says event director Quentin Roberts.

“World-leading innovators are already thinking, designing, and collaborating at the forefront of cleantech and renewable energy innovation in South Australia.

“We want more organisations to join us and develop the breakthroughs which will power tomorrow’s planet.”

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