New directions in Human Resource Management

Human resource management (HRM) is a major issue for modern workplaces, which is why developing positive cultural environments that support workplace innovation is the focus of extensive research by Flinders’ Dr Mahmoud Moussa.

Dr Moussa, a researcher and HMR lecturer at the College of Business, Government Law, has teamed with his PhD supervisor, Professor Adela McMurray, who is also College of Business, Government and Law Dean (Research), and others in two new publications – Cross-Cultural Performance Management: Transcending Theory to a Practical Framework (Palgrave Macmillan) and Innovation and Leadership in the Public Sector: The Australian Experience (Routledge, UK).

“It is increasingly important to raise awareness of the dynamics of innovation at the individual, organisational, climate and team levels to capitalise on the development of good workplaces,” says Dr Moussa.

“It’s a growing focus due to the rising complexities of organisational structures and social and cross-cultural attitudes and interactions as well as the rapidly changing face of human-computer engagements.”

Another book he has contributed to – Palgrave Handbook of Managing Information and Communication Technologies in Contemporary Organisations: The Emergence of Breakthroughs Technologies – will also soon be published. This book will explore the use of the emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning and big data across different industries and cultures in contemporary organisations.

As well as collaborating with scholars in the Middle East, Europe and Asia, the editors of the Palgrave Handbook invited local academics to contribute, including experts from the Flinders University healthcare program, Centre for Social Impact and Australian Industrial Transformation Institute.


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