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Dear Colleagues,

One of our priorities for 2023 is to strengthen clinician engagement in the MD Program. We are aiming to achieve this in a number of ways throughout this year, including face-to-face meetings, workshops and lectures. We are working closely with clinicians to identify areas for improvement in the MD and to develop and facilitate opportunities for targeted teaching. One early example is to integrate more surgical teaching across all four years of the course. Prof David Watson, Dr Tim Bright and Dr Steven Due have advocated for these changes and introduced an enthusiastic group of surgical trainees to lead the teaching. These surgical trainees will provide valuable anatomy revision sessions for MD year 1 and 2 students, as well as surgical teaching (during surgical rotations) for MD year 3 and 4 students. Our surgical colleagues are informing and developing the surgical curriculum and together we’re ensuring that Flinders graduates are well prepared for internship and beyond.

I acknowledge the efforts of our Clinician Support and Education Resources Teams and the SALHN Surgical TMOU. These teams facilitate timetabling and logistics for staff, students, room bookings and resource materials. Additionally, the Clinician Support Team produces certificates to acknowledge teaching contributions, which the surgical trainees may add to their applications for the General Surgery Surgical Education and Training (SET) program.

I am hopeful that we can build on this model for teaching our future doctors and develop similar opportunities across the Flinders axis. Please contact me or the Clinician Support Team to seek support and make it happen.

With best wishes,

Dr Michal Wozniak
Acting  Director
Medical Program (MD)
Flinders University


MD Snapshot for April 2022

4 – 8 APRIL
MD1: Assessment week
MD2: Endocrine & Reproductive (ERS)
MD3 & MD4: Clinical placement 3, week 1

11 – 15 APRIL
MD1: Mid-semester break
MD2: Mid-semester break
MD3 & MD4: Clinical placement 3, week 2

18 – 22 APRIL
MD1: Immunity, Microbes & Defence (IMD)
MD2: Mid-semester break
MD3 & MD4: Clinical placement 3, week 3

25 – 29 APRIL
MD1: Immunity, Microbes & Defence (IMD)
MD2: Musculoskeletal System (MSS)
MD3 & MD4: Clinical placement 3, week 4

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