MD assessment updates

Starting this month of May, the MD will be piloting the first of a series of proposed changes to student assessment during the clinical rotations. Changes reflect extensive consultation with many and varied key stakeholders in assessment. Central to the reforms being trialled, are the shift to non-graded marking, and the adoption of the Australian Medical Council (AMC) medical graduate and intern outcome domains as a basis for guiding supervisor and student evaluation of work based practice.

The non-graded decision reflects efforts to more consistently capture the rich expert feedback that is currently occurring across all our sites. Meanwhile the AMC domains direct the expectations for the learner towards the universally recognised standards for the profession.

It is anticipated that these and other subtle changes to assessment during the clinical rotations will further contribute to high quality longitudinal reporting, and further strengthen learning conversations across the MD.

I am grateful to the many who have been generous with their time and guidance to date. The Doctor of Medicine Rural Stream (MDRS) has generously agreed to pilot the new approach with the current Year 3’s.  I look forward to sharing outcomes and discussing future assessment directions.

Dr James Thompson

Assessment Lead Flinders Medical Program

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