Inside the Simulated Learning Environment (SLE)

Simulation is a vital element in the education of healthcare professionals.

The Adelaide-based Flinders MD students are trained using a range of simulation learning technologies including high fidelity mannequins in the CMPH facilities at Flinders Medical Centre. The past 18 months have seen major operational transformations within this area, impacting staffing, identity, communication, planning and resourcing.

Previously known as the Clinical Skills Simulation Unit (CSSU), the facility has been rejuvenated under the Simulated Learning Environment (SLE) banner. It is now managed by a team of Medicine and Paramedicine Technical Services professional staff who are embracing newfound professional development opportunities and flexibility to move across locations during high impact periods.

Collaboration between academic and professional staff across multiple teams is evident at brief weekly huddles, which facilitate efficient communication and help to ensure that simulation sessions are appropriately planned and resourced.  This is essential as all SLE Technical Services team members work part time and have joined the team within the past 18 months. The recent inclusion of Tracy Nicholls; Education Resources Coordinator -Student Administration Services Team, at the weekly huddle has streamlined all aspects of timetabling within the facility and further highlighted the benefits of cross team interactions.

The close-knit team are extremely supportive of each other and always aims to enhance teaching quality and the student experience; students are their number one priority. This has been demonstrated by the way the academics and professional staff have proactively worked together to execute a raft of improvements including infrastructure budget planning, Work Health and Safety, operational procedures and contracts with external groups accessing the facility.

The recognition for continuous improvement and team collaboration provides a platform for excellence within this facility.

Angela Binns
Senior Manager, Technical Services

Image above L-R:  Kushari Burns, Dr Michael Wozniak, Michelle Scott, Dr Cyle Sprick, Swetha Sequeira, Angela Binns, Tracy Nicholls, Clare Mee, Dr Alexander Siviour at the weekly Planning Huddle. Absent: Belinda Olsen and Dr Inta Rudaks

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