A message for GP Supervisors and Practice Managers

Greetings GP Supervisors and Practice Managers

I would like to thank your practices for being so supportive with the introduction of the full time GP placement this year. This has enhanced the learning opportunities of our students in General Practice and hopefully goes some way to having them return to GP training in the future.

You will have just received a communication from the MD Directive with regards to a change in the clinical placement model being implemented in 2023.

I wanted to reach out and provide some additional information about what this means for General Practice.

Earlier in the year, GPs provided feedback that 5-week terms were challenging and a model that includes 6-week terms is preferred. In 2023, we will return to 6-week terms. In addition, we recognise the impact of COVID-19 this year, particularly on General Practice and the new model has been designed based on 3 x 6-week terms (Semester 1), followed by a 2-week break and then another 3 x 6-week terms (Semester 2). We hope that this break may provide some necessary breathing space for practices and the reduction of terms provides a more sustainable workload in the coordination of placements.

The Work Integrated Learning Support team will be following up with your practice very soon, to provide you with additional information about 2023, such as term dates and availability options.

If you have some specific feedback to provide regarding the coordination and management of placements or have any other questions, queries or concerns and would like to meet with myself to discuss further or you would like me to visit to provide additional information about the 2023 model, please do not hesitate to email me with some dates and times that suit you.

More information will be sent out next week with regards to 2023 availabilities and term dates.

Once again, your ongoing partnership with Flinders University and commitment to the learning of our future doctors is appreciated.

Warm regards
Linnea Boileau

Work Integrated Learning Coordinator
College of Medicine and Public Health
Ph: 7221 8390     Direct: 7221 8894

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