Important update: MD Clinical Placement Model 2023-2025

The clinical placement model for 2023 – 2025 reflects the changes that health services undergo on a regular basis, recent negotiations with the various health services to expand the placements on offer, and feedback from clinicians about the current clinical placement model.

The primary focus of the clinical placement model is to ensure that the medical students meet the AMC’s graduate outcomes and are both prepared for internship and future practice.

The clinical placement model for 2023 – 2025 features:

  • Alignment of dates for semesters between SA and the NT
  • Improved alignment of 6-week rotations for both Years 3 and 4
  • 2-week break for Year 3 and 4 students between semesters
  • Two Progress Tests in semester 1 of Year 4 and none in semester 2 (excluding students who need to retake a test)
  • One elective in Year 4
  • A stronger focus on preparedness for internship in Year 4

Your questions and feedback are welcome. Please email

Kind regards,
Dr Michal Wozniak  MBBS FRACGP
Acting Director, Medical Program (MD)
Flinders University

Clinical Placements – South Australia

The following applies to clinical placement models in SA. All placements are 6 weeks in duration.
(S) = selective
* Rural placements include: General Practice, anaesthetics, ED, general medicine, general surgery, women’s health

Year 3  – SA
Year 4  – SA  
  • General medicine
  • General surgery
  • Mental health
  • Child health
  • Women’s health
  • General Practice
  • Specialty medicine
  • Specialty surgery
  • Emergency medicine
  • Rural*
  • Medical selective (S)
  • Elective

Clinical Placements – Northern Territory

The following applies to most clinical placement models in the NT. All placements in Year 4 are 6 weeks in duration.
(S) = selective

Year 3 – NT
Year 4  – NT
  • General medicine (8 weeks)
  • General surgery (8 weeks)
  • Mental health (4 weeks)
  • Community based semester (20 weeks)
    including Child health,
    Women’s health,
    General Practice
  • Women’s health
  • Child health
  • Critical care incl. Anaesthetics, ICU, ED
  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Medical selective (S)
  • Elective

MD Rural Stream (MDRS)

MDRS placements are not affected by changes to the clinical placement model for 2023 – 2025. Upon completion of Year 3, MDRS students will progress to one of the Year 4 placement models described above.

General Practice

Linnea Boileau will contact General Practices shortly to offer more information and answer questions about the clinical placement model for 2023 – 2025.

Read more about the clinical placement model 2023-2025 in General Practice.


The assessment items that clinical supervisors are required to complete remain the same. There will be some small changes to the current Global Assessment of Progress (GAP) form in line with the current Intern Training Term Assessment form. In addition, students will still be required to complete mini-CEX.

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