Updates from the MD Director

Dear Colleagues,

As we approach the end of the university year, I thought it would be worthwhile to reflect on what we set out to do this year before we move forward.

2022 has been another interesting year. We started with covid restrictions lifting across the country after two very uncertain years. We continued navigating challenges for clinical placements, including student access to healthcare facilities and vaccination and N95 mask requirements. As restrictions in healthcare facilities have continued to ease, the MD team has shifted focus to standardising and aligning teaching and assessment processes in line with university policies and the AMC Graduate Outcomes. Standard processes are now in place for many assessments, and we are progressing towards a competency-based approach for work-based assessments. Lastly, we have begun the complex but necessary task of reviewing course rules and admissions processes, and formalising professionalism and inherent requirements for candidates and students. The resulting rules, processes and requirements will reflect our program’s vision, mission and values.

While these projects continue, other priorities are emerging for 2023. We are preparing to implement a new MD curriculum governance model. This will connect clinicians, academics and students across the Flinders axis as we review and update the online curriculum together. This will be a substantial undertaking, particularly if our focus shifts from the traditional, discipline-led model to a community-based and generalist approach, that aligns with AMC Graduate Outcomes and the MDANZ discussion paper Training Tomorrow’s Doctors. This will require a multi-disciplinary approach in many areas, including child health, women’s health and mental health. I am confident that we will succeed with a shared commitment to preparing Flinders medical students for a healthcare environment that is undergoing significant change.

Your questions and feedback are welcome. Please email clinicians@flinders.edu.au.


Dr Michal Wozniak
Director, Medical Program (MD)
Flinders University

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