Call for Research Projects and Supervisors


UPDATE: deadline for project submissions has been extended to the 13 June 2023

All Doctor of Medicine (MD) students engage in research and scholarship over the course of their four-year degree, through a theme referred to as Advanced Studies. Students can elect to undertake one of two pathways: research or coursework.

The research pathway provides students with opportunities to undertake research that impacts the health of our communities – an ideal mechanism for MD students to move from consumers to producers of research.

To facilitate research opportunities, the Advanced Studies team are seeking expressions of interest for Advanced Studies research supervisors. You may have a project in mind, or you may wish to be included as a potential supervisor and work with a student to collaboratively develop a project of mutual interest.

If you have an idea for a research project or you would like to join the supervisor list, please email the Advanced Studies team to discuss how you might become involved!

More information

Email to ask a question, and express your interest.

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