Updates from the MD Director, 2024 clinical placements

Dear colleagues,

We are halfway through the 2023 medical program and planning for 2024 is about to commence. The clinical placement model remains the same next year, reflecting changes to health services and feedback from clinicians. The primary focus is to ensure medical students meet the fundamental skills required to be both prepared for internship and future practice.

The Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Support team based in Bedford Park, along with colleagues in the Northern Territory Medical Program (NTMP) and Rural and Remote Health South Australia (FURRHSA), are working closely to map the placement allocations for students across these sites. This collaborative approach ensures that all placement opportunities and programs are designed to enhance the student experience and to maximise the wonderful breadth of learning opportunities offered to students throughout the central corridor. Our aim is for students to receive their placements before the end of 2023 so they can prepare for the year ahead.

In addition, the teams have been working on improvements to business processes and procedures and are developing further student resources to support and enrich the learning opportunities within the clinical setting. If they haven’t already done so, the teams will be contacting placement supervisors shortly about availabilities for 2024.

The College of Medicine and Public Health extends a huge thank you to all our stakeholders involved in the facilitation, teaching and placement supervision of students.  We look forward to our continued partnership as we guide medical students towards their future career pathways.

Do you have a placement opportunity that’s not already included in our course? Please contact your local placement team to discuss:

Thank you to our teaching and professional staff, Academic Status holders and clinician educators for their enthusiasm and commitment to delivering the MD Program in semester one. If you are a clinician and don’t have Academic Status yet, please contact our Clinician Support Team to apply and seek support for your teaching activity.

Dr Michal Wozniak MBBS FRACGP
Director, Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program

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