NSW Health Minister visits the Centre for Remote Health

NSW Health Minister

The NSW Minister for Health visited the Centre for Remote Health (CRH) in early August when the Federal, State and Territory Health Ministers met at the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Health Council in Alice Springs to discuss a range of national health issues.

Centre for Remote Health’s Lecturer in Indigenous Health, Kathleen Martin greeted the dignitaries and provided an overview of CRH’s activities. Nursing Lecturer Jessie Anderson expanded on student placement activities in particular students and universities from New South Wales taking part in the program.

The dignitaries were also interested in the Remote Primary Health Care Manuals administered by CRH and Tobias Speare provided a brief history of the Manuals and how they are utilised in remote communities. They were presented with a special gift of bush medicines on departure. The Health Minister’s visit also included opportunities to visit various community organisations including the Purple House.

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