Flinders at East Arnhem Garma festival

Garma Festival

Set on the beautiful Gulkula site, the Indigenous Garma Festival attracts over 2500 attendees annually. This year, a Flinders NT team of nine, headed by Professor John Wakerman and including the College of Medicine and Public Health Vice President and Executive Dean, Professor Jonathon Craig, immersed themselves in all that the festival has to offer.

This included an important health forum, educational offerings, economic discussions, cultural experiences, ceremony, music and art. The festival aims to provide attendees with knowledge, as well as a contemporary space to practice and preserve the ancient Aboriginal culture of the region.

It is a fabulous learning opportunity for all. The Flinders NT booth, managed by the energetic Nhulunbuy campus staff member Gemma Porteous, and supported by other team members, was popular with both children and adults. The promotional sunglasses were a huge hit, whilst also providing much needed protection from the tropical sun. As usual, badge making was popular and brought out the creative side of some of the younger people.

Flinders NT has a strong investment in the health of Arnhem land residents through our education and training programs, students, staff and infrastructure. Senior members of the team visited with key health services and personnel during the visit. These visits introduced Professor Craig to stakeholders and oriented him to the Flinders footprint, as well as provided an opportunity to nurture our partnerships to achieve the best health outcomes for rural and remote residents and expand our leadership in remote health education and training.

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