Flinders NT welcomes Brian Hylands, Manager, Rural and Remote Health NT

Flinders NT is pleased to welcome Brian Hylands, newly appointed Manager, Rural and Remote Health NT.

Brian has lived and worked with remote communities for over 25 years and displays a strong understanding of education and health services in these environments.

For the past seven years, he has been Chief Executive Officer of the West Arnhem Regional Council (WARC). His qualifications include a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Public Health.

Brian has successfully led a large, multi-disciplined, multicultural organisation and has also delivered services in the program areas of Housing, Local Government, Outstations, and Community Services. He also brings an extensive history of successfully working in and delivering services to remote areas.

Brian’s experience and ethos displays a close fit to the University’s social accountability mandate of contributing to the development of healthier societies by orienting education, research and service activities towards priority health concerns of the communities, the regions and the nation.

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