Challenging times for postgraduate students during COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted students undertaking postgraduate studies with the Centre for Remote Health as most are front-line health service providers in remote, rural and metropolitan settings.

Our academic and professional staff have been reaching out to the students, encouraging them to keep going with their studies, or supporting them to withdraw during these challenging times. By offering flexibility and support, many of our exceptionally busy students have managed to remain enrolled in their course.

Students have shared real challenges with us from the front line, working in remote communities where locum staff have left due to imminent border closures, relocating to caravans to protect their family while they are working, doing 12-hour days due to lack of adequate staff and concurrently upskilling in intensive and critical care procedures as a new workplace requirement.

Many participants of the Transition to Remote Area Nursing (TRAN) ten day face-to-face intensive workshop are also enrolled in the Flinders University postgraduate courses in Remote Health Practice.

We wish all our frontline health staff well, especially those who are continuing with studies during these challenging times.

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