Future surgeon hopeful Moaz – on his medical degree and the ability to help others.

Moaz was only ten years old when he moved with his family from Egypt to Australia, living in Darwin and attending the local schools. Now in his early twenties, Moaz is a first year NT Medical Program student at Flinders University and making progress towards becoming a Doctor of Medicine.

A work experience in high school has made a lifelong impression on Moaz, driving him towards a career in medicine. “I realised my love for medicine when I was in high school, during a work experience initiative in year 10 which I did at a local GP clinic.”

This encounter impacted Moaz to such a degree that he now wants to dedicate his future professional life to helping others. “I want to have the ability to help people and influence their lives for the better”.

Growing up, Moaz was frequently in poor health and received a lot of care and attention from healthcare workers: “As a child I was always sick, and without doctors I wouldn’t be here today. Hence, I want to be part of this process where I help people to have better health to live out their best lives”.

He also recalls a life-defining moment that has further reaffirmed his decision to become a doctor: “I remember being at the hospital during the birth of my sister and seeing my mother on the bed looking very ill. I thought to myself, I want my mother to have the best health she can, and after that, me choosing to study medicine felt like that was my purpose in life.”

Since starting his degree, Moaz found a lot of support and dedication from both staff and fellow classmates alike, due to the small number of students in his cohort. “Every staff and student at Flinders in the NT is like a family due to the small cohort” he says.

He is also very passionate about being able to give back to the community that has shaped him as an individual. “Darwin has given me so much and has shaped me to who I am, hence, by studying medicine in a rural area, I would be giving back to the communities that help support me and also help disadvantaged rural communities.”

Moaz hopes to become a surgeon and is highly motivated by altruism and compassion for others. “Medicine is constantly changing and evolving; hence, I would like to see my career changing and evolving. I would like to be involved in many aspects of medicine, including helping rural communities, becoming a surgeon, and seeing the faces of the people’s lives that I have saved.”

Outside of his studies, Moaz loves playing soccer and spending time with his family who act as his support network. Studying close to home allowed him to dedicate more time to other things that he enjoys: “Studying medicine in the NT puts less pressure on people as they are still with family and, being in the NT, the cohort you are with will be your new family where you would receive help when things can get rough.”

Moaz is currently in the first year of Medicine at the NT Medical Program. To find out more about the HECS-free Doctor of Medicine degree in the NT, visit our website for more details, and contact our NTMP support team.

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