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Being made possible for the first time in any Australian University, the ability for HDR students to manage all aspects of their candidature using just one system, Inspire, accessible at any time, from anywhere in the world, is being recognised in its benefits through Student feedback and CAUDIT Award nomination.

The annual Council of Australasian Directors of Information Technology (CAUDIT) Awards recognise, celebrate and promote the outstanding achievements and innovation of staff working in IT in CAUDIT member organisations, and the application of digital capabilities which positively transform the experience of students, academics and professional staff. The nomination for the Inspire program in the ‘Improving Student Success’ category. Now shortlisted as a finalist and subsequently placed in the top 5 for the Australasian Pacific region.

It is a testimony to the collaboration, skill and focus on customer value that the cross-division team (DRS and OGR) has demonstrated consistently in delivering Inspire.

Feedback here by Dr Angela Littleford, CEO Community Support Inc and a HDR graduate, College of Nursing and Health Sciences

‘I transferred my PhD studies from the University of Sydney to Flinders University in 2018.

Inspire was very new to me as I had not experienced this system at my previous University.  I studied part time and worked full time and what I really appreciated about Inspire is I could map out my research journey and set milestones.  This allowed me to plan out when I needed to take leave from work; so, I could devote extra time to my studies.  Being able to complete my milestones online was important as it gives you an opportunity to reflect on where you have been and what you need to do to succeed.  You also had the opportunity to get feedback from your supervisors in a supportive and constructive environment.  Juggling work and study is never easy and Inspire facilitated this journey by sending you regular reminders on milestones that were coming up so you were prepared.

I think that nothing pressure tests the robustness of a system like a pandemic!

The fact that I was able to submit my final thesis draft for approval, edit and make revisions, upload the final thesis for marking, make changes in order to complete my thesis once the marker’s reports were in … all via Inspire in the middle of a pandemic is testimony to how fantastic this system is.  My studies were not impacted in any way by the pandemic and my PhD was conferred in June 2020.  I think that is a story worth telling … one that I will be telling for years to come.

I would recommend Flinders University to any prospective PhD student as they are genuinely committed to ensuring you achieve your research goals and are supported in every aspect of your journey.  The Inspire system facilitates this process, especially if you are a part time and/or remote student.’

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