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Congratulations to the amazing Julie Brose [Research Centre for Palliative Care, Death and Dying (RePaDD) and CNHS] who was recently awarded an AA for her PhD. No changes required! Julie’s longitudinal phenomenological study examined the lived experience of working aged adults living with advanced cancer in Alberta, Canada. Her thesis was titled, “The intentional pursuit of everyday life while dying: A longitudinal exploration of occupational engagement for working-aged adults living with advanced cancer.”

Julie’s research examined how working aged adults with advanced cancer experience and adjust to increasing difficulties participating in everyday activities at the end of life. Her study findings highlighted the importance of facilitating ongoing participation in everyday activities, even as function declines. Understanding and addressing what motivates a person to engage in valued activities is vital to maximising quality of life and helping people adjust to approaching death. Julie’s study builds on the empirically developed occupational therapy theory, the Model of Human Occupation and expands its relevance to palliative care and potentially to other conditions where cure and recovery are not possible. Julie has now moved with her family to Bristol in the UK, where she plans to continue her academic career and research in occupational therapy and palliative care. We look forward to future collaborations and wish her all the best. An extraordinary woman and an extraordinary thesis. It has been a privilege working with you Julie.

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