2022 Recipients of the Best HDR Student Publication


This month’s newsletter we highlight the 2022 Best HDR Student Research Publication  winners.

This annual programme demonstrates Flinders University’s commitment to high quality research dissemination and gives students an opportunity to share their work with the wider community. These students have demonstrated excellence in research, and we applaud all the hard work that went into producing these publications.

Congratulations to all recipients!

The Office of Graduate Research will be hosting a ceremony to celebrate their success on 14 June 2023.

  • PJ Tan (BGL)
  • Kayleigh O’Donnell (EPSW)
  • Kari Vallury (HASS)
  • Thomas Altree (MPH)
  • Natansh Modi (MPH)
  • Andi Agbejule (NHS)
  • Phoebe McInerney (SE)
  • Yunzhong Wang (SE)


PJ Tan

College of Business, Government and Law

“‘Audit and benchmarking of supermarket catalog composition in five countries

The publication examines the role of catalogues in retail advertising and synthesizes current practices in supermarket catalogues across five countries.


Kayleigh O’Donnell

College of Education, Psychology and Social Work

“‘Exploring parent and coach relationships in youth sport: A qualitative study

The publication sought to explore and understand how parent and coach relationships develop in youth sport



Kari Vallury

College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Going Viral: Researching Safely on Social Media

The article explores her experience of her doctoral research going ‘viral’ during recruitment for a national survey on abortion stigma, which resulted in over 65,000 responses in just a few days.


Thomas Altree

College of Medicine and Public Health

“‘The norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor reboxetine alone reduces obstructive sleep apnea severity: a double blind, placebo controlled, randomized, cross-over trial

The publication explores the repurposing of a depression medication, reboxetine, for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea.  



Natansh Modi

College of Medicine and Public Health

“‘Audit of Data Sharing by Pharmaceutical Companies for Anticancer Medicines Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration

The publication explores the eligibility of independent, qualified researchers to access individual participant data from oncology trials that supported US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of new anticancer medicines within the past 10 years.


Andi Agbejule

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Self-management support for cancer-related fatigue: A systematic review

The publication explores the effectiveness of self-management support interventions on improving cancer-related fatigue and other related behavioural outcomes.






Phoebe McInerney

College of Science and Engineering

“‘Multiple occurrences of pathologies suggesting a common and severe bone infection in a population of the Australian Pleistocene giant, Genyornis newtoni (Aves, Dromornithidae)

The publication explores evidence for the occurrence of a bone infection in a population of giant birds which went extinct some time around 50 to 55 thousand years ago


Yunzhong Wang

College of Science and Engineering

“‘Design and evaluate the wave driven- triboelectric nanogenerator under external wave parameters: Experiment and simulation

The publication explores triboelectric nanogenerator technology.


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