3MT Competition is now open for 2023

Flinders University PhD students who have passed their confirmation of candidature (by the University Finals in September) are invited to compete in the 2023 3MT Competition. The 3MT competition cultivates graduate researchers’ academic, presentation and research communication skills.

Presenting in a 3MT competition increases researchers’ capacity to effectively explain their research in three minutes, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience. Competitors are allowed one PowerPoint slide, but no other resources or props. In the 3MT competition, competitors progress through heats, the semi-final, the University final, and then the Asia-Pacific 3MT Competition, held virtually in Brisbane in October 2023.

The 2023 3MT competition will return to a live presentation format, with only the University Final winner recording a video for the Asia-Pacific final in line with the UQ 3MT guidelines. The first round heats will be divided by college, ensuring that there is equal representation from each college at the semi-final.

Competition dates are detailed below.

Oral presentation is a key requirement of your candidature. It’s crucial that you can effectively communicate your ideas to the world. Participating in 3MT practice sessions and the competition is a fun and exciting opportunity that can count towards your Mid-Candidature Milestone, and help you demonstrate your research impact to the wider community. Check out last year’s winning presentation from Dr Siobhan Fitzpatrick below on the 3MT website.

This is a fantastic opportunity to promote your research, enhance your communication skills, boost your career – and be in the running to win some pretty good prize money!

For further information and to register for the competition, visit the 3MT REST FLO Site and the 3MT Website. For any questions about the 3MT Competition, please contact the HDR Development team at hdr.development@flinders.edu.au.


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