Congratulations to the students who completed (May 2023)


The University recognises that a higher degree by research represents a considerable achievement, reflecting hard work and a high level of commitment and dedication.

Congratulations on your outstanding accomplishment!


Lara King| Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) 
College of Education, Psychology and Social Work
“A dual conceptualisation of personal authenticity and its relationship with offender defensiveness and moral repair”
Library at Flinders link (not yet available)

Susan Smith | Doctor of Philosophy
College of Nursing and Health Sciences
“Pushed to the fringe – Vaccine hesitancy in parents and pregnant women”
Library at Flinders link

Robin Keegan-Treloar | Doctor of Philosophy
College of Science and Engineering
“Hydrogeological drivers and fate of spring discharge in a semi-arid and remote setting”
Library at Flinders link

Amira Ramadan Alghamdi | Doctor of Philosophy
College of Science and Engineering
“Evaluation of chemical and electronic properties of photovoltaic materials at interfaces in solar cell device”
Library at Flinders link (available for open access on 19 October 2024)



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