Student Experience Recap – Alexandra Manson



Alexandra Manson PhD candidate in the Caring Futures Institute within the College of Nursing and Health Sciences recently completed a six week international research field trip to the UK, Sweden and France.

Below we hear from Alexandra about the experience!

  I recently completed a six-week international research field trip to the United Kingdom, Sweden, and France as part of my PhD project, supported by the Flinders University Research Student Overseas Field Trip Grant. My PhD is exploring the potential adoption of school-provided meals in Australia.

This field trip allowed me to explore diverse school food service models through visiting schools, meeting with research groups and engaging with industry stakeholders. I also had the opportunity to attend and present at my first international conference, International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA), conference in Sweden.

In the United Kingdom I found cohesion challenges contributed to lower acceptability and nutrition, however initiatives were having success at improving meal access and quality. Sweden offers universal free school meals, with the school food system being highly perceived and sustainability-focused.

France showcased the influence of French food culture on the school food system, emphasising connection and experiences over a four-course meal. Benefits achieved from school meal provision highlighted exciting opportunities for the Australian context, which I will explore in my next PhD studies with Australian families.


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