We are listening. We are our client’s first point of contact.

For the past months Client Services team has been working on driving a cultural change towards great customer experience and service management excellence. This means we have to be in a constant mode of continuous improvement that can be achieved through proper training and learning from industry experts. We were very fortunate in 2019 to have Bashker Nair– Kepner-tregoe show us how Disney works on making sure that every point of contact is a memorable experience for their customers.

Since the implementation of CIOPulse, we now have access to customer feedback and we take it quite seriously. We read, review and act of this feedback making it a key drive for our continuous improvement priorities. We’re also monitoring what our customers are reporting and requesting help with, so that we can best target these improvements to have the biggest impact on the customer experience we provide.

Our Business Partners are identifying IDS customer engagements to make sure we optimise our customer interactions and to ensure we are appropriately engaging and optimising our customer interactions with all our key stakeholders. Our Field Services team assessed their structure, continue making changes to remove single points of failure and ensure that every single team member is focussed on providing great customer experience. We are constantly reviewing online support and online service offerings. Since the last update, we identified some key areas for improvement and have worked on our motto of Standardise, Simplify and Support.

What is being Standardised

  • Foundational ITIL processes – Major Incident, Problem and Change Management
  • Computer Purchasing Guidelines for colleges
  • Computer Replacement Policies for CEF and Colleges
  • Process for disposing old computers
  • Onboarding and Offboarding Processes

What is being Simplified

  • Reducing thirty detailed software service offerings to just five
  • Hardware Offerings
  • Supporting Processes
  • System Categories and Processes – Assyst

Training and Workshops conducted for Client Services and IDS to improve Support

  • Service Management Process and Procedures
  • CX/Service Design
  • Customer Service
  • itSMF quarterly seminars and annual conference
  • Other conferences…..

IDS continue to achieve great outcomes. After picking up two more awards in the University IT Service Quality Benchmark™ Report for having achieved the highest benchmark score (indeed the highest on record), as well as demonstrating the most year-on-year improvement (for the second time running).

Looking forward to 2020 where we are bringing together all of IDS to join Client Services in this journey for Service Management Excellence.

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