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You’ve set your heart on your area of study. You’ve even made the monumental decision to study in Australia. For an international student, these are some of the biggest decisions you need to make. But there’s another consideration to factor in. It’s one of the most asked questions in higher education: will my degree get me a job? Through innovation, forward-thinking and industry best-practices Flinders aims to help you leverage your degree into a job. Read on to discover the three key ways we prepare you for graduate success.

No. 1 SA university for full-time employment The Good Universities Guide 2020 (postgraduate), public SA-founded universities only

Flinders Engineering Course
Henry Zhang

Hand-in-hand with industry

With the future workplace rapidly changing, it’s hard to predict what competencies and skill sets will be in demand. One way to cut through the uncertainty? Work with current industry. Flinders offers students the opportunity to work with their chosen industry with a variety of work based initiatives. Including Work Integrated Learning, placements, onsite relationships with industry and practical hands-on experience throughout your degree. It’s an attractive aspect to many students.

“I chose to study Civil Engineering at Flinders because they gave me the opportunity to do a 20-week work experience program. It’s one of the longest placement programs in Adelaide, and I found that really valuable,” says Chinese student Henry Zhang, Master of Engineering/Civil Engineering. “Flinders have a lot of strong cooperation with different industries and companies in Adelaide, as well as in Australia.”

These placements give you the edge on your competition. With actual hands-on lived experience – and the added bonus of network building. Highly desirable to employers and recruiters, work integrated learning promises to prioritise:

  • Developing an awareness of workplace culture and expectations
  • Developing an appreciation of the fluidity of a rapidly changing world of work
  • Develop a portfolio of work experience
  • Enhanced employment prospects and the potential of commanding higher wages on graduation
Flinders Engineering Course
Salindi Herath

State of the art facilities

We are committed to investing in state of the art facilities and technologies. These directly and positively impact the student, far beyond the realm of their study.

Our $120 million Tonsley Innovation centre co-locates expertise in computer science, engineering and mathematics. Together with the Flinders Medical Device Research Institute and the Centre for Nanoscale Science and Technology, they are housed alongside some of Adelaide’s biggest businesses and key industries. It is also a hub for entrepreneurs and future employers who are creating next generation start-ups through the Flinders New Venture Institute. 

Real world experience

The practical and hands-on experience of the Tonsley labs and facilities is vital for students preparing for positive post-graduate outcomes.

“Flinders University has offered me the opportunity to have a lot of practical experiences,” says Salindi Herath, Master of Engineering/Bio Medicine at Tonsley. “Working in the lab is never disconnected from something you would actually do in the field. I think that’s really important. To get a solution to a problem, rather than just understanding the theory behind the problem.”

No. 1 in SA for full-time employment and overall employment (QILT graduate employment survey 2019 (postgraduate), SA-founded public universities only)

Beyond Tonsley, Flinders is co-located with Flinders Medical Centre. Providing authentic, patient centred clinical experiences for a variety of health science and medicine degrees.

“Flinders is very hands-on. We get to experience clinical settings from very early on in our degree, which is really beneficial,” says Sydney Ma, Bachelor Clinical Science/Doctor of Medicine. “The great amount of support we receive, and the small class sizes, allow our learning to be much more student-focused and collaborative.”

Encouraging your softer side

No we don’t mean making you look at pictures of fluffy ducks – although we have those too. We’re talking about those highly sought after ‘soft skills’. These include, but are not limited to:

  • ability to communicate effectively and conscientiously
  • emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • time management
  • organisation skills

You might be highly intelligent, yet if you can’t master these soft skills you could be a liability to an employer. Each Flinders Bachelor degree program aims to develop these skill sets. We see them as critical in your journey to becoming job-ready.

The three pillars of soft skills development, innovation and industry collaboration are at the core of all our degrees. Alongside the traditional careers and employability services offered, Flinders prides itself on being an innovative and progressive University for all our students.

Let us help you navigate the high seas of the graduate job market. Get in touch with our friendly staff today to discover how you can go beyond the ordinary with a Flinders University degree.
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