Noble ambitions for Flinders Engineering student Salindi Herath

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Sri Lankan born Salindi Herath is ruled by a desire to make lives better for those less fortunate. It was part of what attracted her to the Biomedical Engineering degree at Flinders University.

“My future career plans include helping people in countries that are less developed. As a biomedical engineer I am hoping to be able to try and lessen the divide between what western medicine is and what medicine is in an impoverished area,” Salindi says.

A passion for innovation

“I chose to study Biomedical Engineering at Flinders University because Flinders is actually founded on innovation. That’s something that makes me passionate.”

Living in Adelaide and studying in Australia just happened to be an extra bonus.

“I like living and studying in Adelaide because you get the best of so many different worlds. You can go down to the beach, you can go on a hike and you also get a great education living here. Also, the living cost isn’t high so it makes it very much applicable to anyone.”

Having such a positive university experience, Salindi is happy to assure potential students.

“My favourite thing about studying at Flinders is that engineering gets its own building [at Tonsley]. You run into the same people, you experience the same classes and you create a bond with the people around you. I think that’s really important when you are all struggling together in university,” she laughs.

State-of-the-art facilities at Tonsley

Closely located to the main Bedford Park campus, the high-tech Tonsley campus houses state-of-the-art facilities – and centrally locates computer science, engineering and mathematics. Alongside the Medical Device Research Institute and Centre for NanoScale Science Technology, the Tonsley Innovation District is home to some of Adelaide’s biggest businesses and industries. It provides students the ability to engage with leading business enterprises – bringing real industry experiences and practice into the classroom.

Additionally, Tonsley hosts the New Venture Institute, an entrepreneurial incubator that has launched over 325 start ups.

“I would recommend studying at Flinders to someone who lives overseas because of the large international student population already present on campus. Which makes it helpful to make friends and you never feel like you are isolated. Everyone is so welcoming and it’s a great environment to become accustomed to living abroad as well – I would highly recommend it.”

Job-ready graduates

It’s the placement opportunities and support received from the University, college, and International Student Services that have made all the difference to her experience as an international student.

“In terms of getting work experience, placement is something they will really help you with here at Flinders. They want to you graduate job-ready.”

Salindi sees the placement opportunities available in rural Australian communities particularly useful to her career plans.

“It’s really important that you actually experience what the issue is before you try and develop a solution,” she says.

“Flinders helped me get to this goal by giving me placement opportunities in rural areas of Australia, and other countries. So that way you can go and experience what it’s like to work in that area before you can commit to that whole life.”

Flinders Engineering Tonsley

Engineering excellence

Demonstrating how a dynamometer – a tool for measuring force – works by testing voltage currents, Salindi expounded on the importance of lab-based practice.

“The facilities [available] at Flinders really helps you to get practical experience on the things that you are doing. For example, I can use this dynamometer to understand how this device works and understand the electronics behind it.”

“Flinders University has really given me the opportunities to get hands-on experience in the lab. Anything you’re doing is practically based and it’s never something that is disconnected or just theory.”

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