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Anyone who has tried to change course, city or country halfway through a degree knows how challenging it can be to transfer credits to your new university. Of all people, Flinders Business ambassador Ebrahem Asiri knows what a nightmare this can be.

When his circumstances changed, Ebrahem was faced with leaving Canada in the middle of his course.

“I was studying in Canada then. I was planning to move to Australia,” he says. This can be a stressful experience. Luckily, Ebrahem found Flinders University made the change in countries and universities as easy as possible for him, so he could get back to finishing his degree.

Easy credit transfers

When Ebrahem moved from Canada, it looked like he might lose credits for the subjects he had already completed. He feared months of wasted time, when he could have been closer to finishing his degree. 

Flinders made it easy to check and apply for credit transfers online. All Ebrahem had to do was say what institution he came from, fill out a form, and Flinders took care of the rest. 

“The best I found for a credit transfer to complete my degree was Flinders University.”

Once his application had been approved, he was notified of his course credits. Ebrahem says the process was straightforward compared to other universities, allowing him to finish his studies without interruptions. He’s back on track to graduate, and by November 2019, will be fully qualified with his degree in International Business. “This is why I chose Flinders,” he says. 

Award-winning innovation = enterprising graduates 

“I want to grow my family business as CEO.” 

Ebrahem comes from a proud family of entrepreneurs. He is using his degree at Flinders to gain expert knowledge and enterprise skills on how to run a successful company. The university’s close ties and partnerships with industry have also proved a boon for the Saudi student. “Flinders is giving me the knowledge that I need to make it.”

The Flinders University New Venture Institute gives students like Ebrahem access to brilliant business minds with real-world experience, who are driving innovation in their fields. An award-winning hub for entrepreneurs and future employers who are creating next-generation start-ups, NVI has been awarded the Top Challenger: Asia-Pacific (UBI Global World Ranking Report 17/18) from over 1, 370 university linked incubator programs. Through a variety of Innovation and Enterprise courses, students develop their capacity to leverage disruption and enhance creativity.

Students are even able to work on real problem solving with businesses through the Flinders Enterprise Consulting program. In this unique program, businesses bring a problem to the university, who then assigns a group of students to the task of coming up with a solution. Providing an opportunity to experience real-world industry outcomes, while networking with potential employers. 

An international school for international business

Ebrahem is originally from Saudi Arabia, which has one of the top 20 economies in the world and a GDP of over $680 billion, meaning it has an established and competitive business culture. A Flinders’s education helps him to compete and collaborate with the world’s top business people.

“I really enjoy the way of studying at Flinders,” he says, adding the way material is covered in lectures and tutorials, “gives me a better understanding of each topic.”

The Flinders University Bachelor of International Business specialty gives students a strong foundation of business knowledge and empowers them to support ethical, international and cross border business management. The course content provides the resources and skills to thrive in an increasingly connected world.

The course focuses on a diverse range of organisations, including not-for-profits, which is helpful to Ebrahem in his work for the Saudi Student Association.

“I am a member and the manager of media for the Saudi Student Association in Adelaide, working with them part-time.” 

In the role, Ebrahem gets to work with others as they address the concerns of Saudi students, and helps them transition from university life into successful graduate careers. 

These lessons have been invaluable to Ebrahem, and he trusts that when he graduates at the end of this year, he will be fully equipped to run and grow his family’s business. 

“Come to study at Flinders if you want the skills that you need to be successful in business.”

If you would like to study in Australia and learn more about studying Business at Flinders University, you can browse our courses or enquire with our friendly team here.

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Discover the study experience of fellow Flinders Business graduate Skeat Yu. 

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