Business with a ‘bigger purpose’ for student Ton Young

Flinders Business Student Ayrton Gene Young


For Master of Accounting and Marketing student Ton, studying business with a ‘bigger purpose’ in mind is all part of his long-term career ambitions.

Ayrton ‘Ton’ Young is fascinated by the vital role accountants play in a business and already had experience working in marketing before he came to Australia. Eager to advance in his career, Ton began trying to find the right master’s degree and university to help him achieve his goals.

Ton needed a university that would allow him to study the areas he wanted, give him access to industry experts and graduate opportunities, and provide him the freedom to pursue his other passions while he studied.

It was his cousin, Marithe Solis, who helped Ton find the answer.

“It’s Flinders,” she said. “Trust me.”

A recommendation from family

Ton and Marithe have always been close.

“She’s more of a sister to me,” Ton says. “We grew up together in our home country, the Philippines, and I’ve always trusted her advice when it comes to life-changing decisions.”

Not only is Marithe a trusted cousin, she was the Accounting Student of the Year, 2018 and is a proud Flinders University alumna, who is now working for Deloitte in Adelaide. When she told Ton that he should be studying at Flinders, he got serious about looking. He was happy to discover that Flinders offers a joint Master of Accounting and Marketing.

“I had previous experience working in the marketing side of a business before arriving in Australia, and I’ve always been intrigued with how meticulous accountants are. At Flinders I get to do both.”

Ton wasted no time enrolling in the course, and he’s never looked back.

“I’ve been thanking Marithe ever since,” he says.

Flinders International Marithe Solis
Ton’s cousin Marithe Solis with her award

Cultural diversity and lasting friendships

The way Flinders University embraces cultural diversity has helped turn Adelaide into a home away from home for Ton.

“The best part about Flinders is how diverse it is. Not only do we get lecturers from all over the world, but also my classmates bring their own culture, flair, and humour.” Flinders brings out the best in people and has introduced Ton to people who have affirmed his belief, “that good is in every person, regardless of where they come from.”

Since being at Flinders, Ton has built strong relationships with classmates Immanuel Sebastian and Sampada Patel, who have been influential members of his support network.

“They’ve shown me time and again just how fun learning can be when you’re with good friends.”

Outside of his close circle of friends, Ton is building other important relationships at university which are helping to shape his future.

“Flinders is such a huge institution that it is very easy to meet people that have accomplished the goals I am setting for myself,” says Ton, in reference to the many professors and industry professionals who he has contact with on a regular basis. He says that knowing these people inspires him in more than just his professional career.

“These same people are not only successful, humble, and approachable, but they also have big hearts for those in need.”

Opportunities for growth

In his second or third year, Ton will be able to participate in the Flinders University’s Work Integrated Learning Programs, which improves students’ employability by offering them practical workplace experience.

So in his first year, Ton is being proactive and seeking opportunities himself.

“I have attended numerous workshops and meetings provided by the university to expose me to big name firms and organisations.”

Even with study and other workshop commitments, Ton still has time to explore work and other passions.

“I work part time as a receptionist at Glenunga Medical Centre. I am also currently a youth ministry leader at Edwardstown Baptist Church. My course allows me to do all these things and be the best version of myself due to the convenient time schedules and quality teaching my university provides.”

Diversifying skillsets

Of course, the main reason for joining Flinders has been to advance his career, allowing him to diversify and advance his existing marketing skills. Accounting has been a draw for Ton because of the, “integral role,” accountants play in a business, acting like doctors by, “checking a business’ health.”

“It really is about making sure a company is healthy and that, in turn, attracts potential clients.”

Ton isn’t going to stop there. Eventually, he aspires to pursue a career in law. “I’ll possibly start my own business after that,” he says. Though future focussed, Ton is still living in the moment, and is set on accomplishing everything he can through his Master of Accounting and Marketing.

“I am confident that whatever happens and wherever I may decide to go after I graduate, I’ll have a great chance of employment.”

Business with a side of altruism

Ton feels very lucky to have the support of his loved ones and Flinders as he works towards his goals. Eventually, Ton will use his success to help people in need.

“I plan on doing whatever it takes to help my country and the children in it.”

“I am fortunate enough to be funded by my family. I give credit to my parents, Mary Balfermoso and Anson Young, and my Aunt and Uncle, Dina and Manuel Peter Solis for fully supporting me in this experience.”

“All of them have such high praise for the university,” he says, adding that from his personal experience, it’s ideal for international students.

“Anyone considering Flinders, you’ll love Australia and Australians. You’ll love Adelaide. You get the best of a thriving city and the peace of a coastal town.”

Flinders has definitely helped Ton make the most of his Australian experience.

“You’ll love Flinders,” he says. “It’s Australia in a nutshell.”

If you would like to study in Australia and learn more about Flinders University, enquire with our friendly International team here.

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